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AFP gets ready for 28th National Reservist Week
Preparations are now in full swing for the 28th National Reservist Week (NRW) in September. The AFP Reserve Command (AFPRESCOM) is spearheading the preparations, in coordination with the RESCOM's of the three major service branches - the Army, Air Force, and the Navy. NRW brings together representatives from all AFP reserve units throughout the country, to discuss current issues about the reserve movement, and to encourage feedback on the relationship between the regular AFP, the national government, and the so-called "citizen-soldiers" of the country.






UADT Trainees at VAB

WELCOME to the home of the AFP Reserve!
     This is a resource site for members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (Army, Navy, Air Force), and for the general public as well. Some features may be accessed only by registered members of the reserve components, but most of the interactive links are for public use. We encouraged everyone to visit this site often to know what the AFP Reserve is doing as part of the nation-building effort. Let us know your thoughts about the site and the things we discuss here. Our email links and other feedback instructions are contained on the Contact Us page.


In the picture above, Air Force reservists go thru the Manual of Arms during Unit Active Duty Training (UADT) at Villamor Air Base in Pasay City. These reservists belong to the 11th RRAG (Ready Reserve Air Group) which covers the NCR. At right, trainee is assisted by classmate as he puts on a safety helmet during rapelling training. Reservists are trained in both military skills and search and rescue operations to equip them with the knowledge necessary for the fulfillment of the AFP mission.


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