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Joining the Reserves

Applying for officer commission

Able and qualified citizens, male or female, can get into the AFP Reserve Force, either as commissioned officers, or enlisted personnel.

An applicant can be commissioned as an officer by the President of the Republic of the Philippines from any the following sources:

a. Circular Nr 30 GHQ, AFP dtd 07 Dec 87 subject: Procurement and Appointment of Reserve Officers.

b. Circular  Nr 03 GHQ, AFP  dtd 25 Sep 97, subject:  Commissioning of Elected Officials and Presidential  Appointees in the Reserve Force, AFP and  their  Administration and Utilization.

c. Circular NR 06 GHQ, AFP dtd 03 Jun 95, subject: AFP Affiliated Reserve Units Program.

d. Circular  Nr 14 GHQ, AFP dtd 13 Jan 75, subject: Commission or Adjustment  in Rank to Lieutenant Colonel of NDCP Civilian Graduates.

e. Circular Nr 16 GHQ, AFP dtd 27 Jul 90, subject: Appointment of the deserving Non-Commissioned Officers in the grade of Second Lieutenant/Ensign  (PN) in the Reserve Force, AFP under Republic Act NR 718.


The source of applicants for Commission in the AFP Reserve Force are graduates of ROTC Basic Advance Course who have  undergone the Advance Summer Camp Training (MS-43), licensed engineers and other professionals, and deserving NCOs who have performed exceptional service in the regular force.

Several AFP regulations, directives and presidential decrees were instituted to serve as bases of guidelines in the processing for Commission in the Reserve Force:

A. Circular Nr 30 GHQ AFP dtd 07 Dec 87

Provides the procurement and appointment of  Reserve Officers:


(A)  Advance Summer Camp Training/MS 43 graduates with an average rating not below 75%.


(A) Natural born Filipino citizen

(B) Baccalaureate degree holder

(C) 21-32 years old for civilian applicants and 21-35 for candidates EP

(D) At least 64 inches in height

(E) Passed the AFPATB Exam for MS-43 graduates and licensure exam for Engineers

(F) Cleared by appropriate intelligence agency

(G) Physically and psychologically fit for commission

For commission of reserve officers in the JAGS, Medical Corps, Nurse Corps, Dental Service, and Medical Administrative Corps, the  requirements are the same except that applicants, in addition to the requirements stated earlier, are required to submit a copy of their bar or board rating.  Once J10 office receives an application for commission in the technical service it forwards same to the respective technical service unit for further disposition.  Requirements are the following:

a. Duly  accomplished application form for commission

b. Full size picture of applicant (Post Card)

c. Birth Certificate from local civil registrar, if not available submit the following:

1.  Certificate from Local Registrar that records of birth are not available and reason thereof;

2.   Affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons having the knowledge of place and date of birth;

d. Educational Credential (College Diploma and Transcript or Records showing the special order number (BPS Form 21)

e. ROTC/CMT Certificate

f. Certificate of employment/Government Service Records

g. Board of Examiner Certificate/Bar and the Report of Rating

h. Affidavit of non-pending case to be executed by applicant notarized by Judge Advocate

i. Command Clearance Certificate from Maj Svc Intel Office

j. Physical Examination (Form 63-A)

B. Circular Nr 16, GHQ, AFP dtd 27 Jul 90,  implementing RA 718, which provides for the appointment of deserving NCO in the grade of Second Lieutenant in the Reserve Force, AFP in recognition of his outstanding ability and exceptional service involving risk of life or limb regardless of  their age and educational attainment, an application shall possess, either of the following  awards: 3MMM/2Bronze Cross 1 Gold Cross and AFP, EP of the year.


(1) Letter of recommendation for outstanding ability and exceptional service from the Major Service Commander

(2) Screening Board Report from their respective major service commander 

(3) Certificate of  non-pending case issued by the major service, staff  judge advocate and inspector general

(4) Command/Security clearance issued by  major Intelligence Office

(5) Awards and Decorations    


C. Circular Nr 14 GHQ, AFP dtd 13 Jan 75

Implementing PD 190, which provides for the commission in the initial rank of Lieutenant Colonel of NDCP civilian graduates.


(1) Duly accomplished application form for  commission.

(2) Full sized picture  of applicant (Post  Card)

(3) Birth certificate from Local Registrar

(4) Educational credential (College Diploma and Transcript of Records showing the Special Order Number (BPS F-21)

(5) ROTC/CMT certificate

(6) Certificate of employment/Gov’t  service records

(7) Diploma/Certificate from NDCP having obtained the degree of MNSA and  copy of Final Order of Merit

(8) Affidavit of non-pending case to be executed by  applicant notarized by Judge Advocate

(9) Command Clearance Certificate from Maj Svc Intel Office

(10) Physical Examination Report (Form 63-A)


D.    Circular Nr 6, GHQ, AFP dtd 3, June 95

Provides for the procurement, training, promotion/adjustment of rank, call to active duty and separation of officers and enlisted reservists under the AFP Affiliated Reserve Units Program.

These are those employed in vital public utility/service; like, any establishment, firm  or corporation which provides services to the public such as: electricity, gas telephone/telegraph and land, air and water transportation.  It also includes  postal system, water works and sewerage, shipyards, motorized fishing fleet, hospitals, clinic facilities, related organization of the media, architectural  and engineering firms.

It is imperative that control be established over key/technical personnel having direct supervision of said industries, utilities, private and government functions by commissioning /enlisting these personnel into the reserve force, AFP ready  for call  to active duty when the need arises.

Qualification and Requirements:

    1. Natural born Filipino Citizen
    2. Four year Baccalaureate Degree
    3. Must not exceed sixty years of age
    4. Possess adequate intellectual capacity, experience and skill.
    5. Organizational and functional chart indicating his position in the public utility/service
    6. Biodata
    7. Cleared by appropriate intelligence
    8. Physically and psychologically fit for military service.
    9. Board Exam Certificate, if any
    10. Proof of experience/practice in the active service who recommends the commission of the individual occupying key/technical position in the public service.

All complete applications for commission shall be transmitted to Maj Svc Reserve Commands. In case of those applying for commissionship under the Affiliated Reserve Units program, applications shall be submitted to HQ AFP Reserve Command. After a careful processing of documents, we give particular attention to the following:

a.  Name and Date of Birth of applicant shall be the same with the name and date in his Birth Certificate and other documents. Correction in Birth Certificate shall be done through a joint affidavit of two disinterested persons knowing the circumstances.

b.   Correctness of his name in every document of orders.  Correction shall be covered by amendments of order of certification as the case may be.

c.  Physical Examination Report, AFPATB results and Command Clearance issued by Maj Svc Intel Office should not expire on the date of appointment or allowing three months processing period, from the date it shall be submitted to soliciting Maj Service Reserve Command.

d.  Age limit of applicants shall not exceed three months processing period from the date it shall be submitted.

e.  Original copy of physical report, AFPAWTB, Command Clearance, accomplished application form and affidavit should be submitted and all other xerox copies documents are duly authenticated by a JAGS officer.

Applications for joining the reserves are initially processed and reviewed at the reserve centers located in the major cities of the country. Officer commissionship applications go all the way from the major service commands to the Office of the President before approval. Major service command headquarters approve applications for enlisted personnel. 

Reserve centers will have personnel willing to provide assistance to applicants interested in joining the reserves.

How to join as an enlisted man or NCO

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